Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spain at last -- what an airport!

A very quick post since we're waiting to get to Atocha Station (I wrongly wrote Chamartin Station earlier) to catch our Pamplona train. The flight was uneventful, landing was smooth, and passport check was no problem. We're looking for the Metro while a few of our party are using the airport's plumbing facilities. Our goal: the 15:05 train to Pamplona/Iruna. We'll write next from our pilgrimage starting-point: St. Jean Pied-de-Port.
Madrid's Barajas Airport

Meantime, we've found ourselves admiring this amazing airport. The beautiful colors and waving lines are unlike anything most of us have seen. Spain is clearly proud of its modernism and, while it couldn't have been cheap, it's great to see a thoughtful investment in an important public space. Makes me want to come back here again.

If we had time we would want to see more modernism at the Reina Sofia Museum, an amazing Madrid museum on the order of MOMA or Musee D'Orsee, stuffed with Picasso and Dali and other Spanish modernists. Alas, the Camino calls and we need to catch our train to the Town of the Crazy Drunk Men in White Clothes and the Bulls Who Chase Them.

Sanitary needs have been accomplished -- we're ready to roll. Don't forget to make a comment below and wish us a buen camino! Or better yet since we'll be in France, bon chemin!


  1. Wow, what an amazing airport. I do wish we had time to visit the wonderful art museums, especially after just seeing a fantastic Picasso exhibit in Seattle with fellow peregrina, Lisa only weeks ago. But I am pumped and ready to begin this spiritual walk. Where's that train? It will be nice to experience a different form of transportation for awhile after sitting through that long flight and the inflight film, "Revenge of the Bridesmaids!". St. Jean Pied-de-Port, here we come!

  2. In about a weeks time you will be looking back at Revenge of the Bridesmaids as the high spot of your cultural year because you will be lying in your sleeping bag wondering if you are alone in there or is Cimicidae planning on giving you a sleepless night. This is not some glamorous playboy who is sharing your bed, but a bedbug or even worse, a bedbug and all his mates!!

    The life of a Pilgrim is full of ups and downs, and Cimicidae is a real downer.

    The cure for the pilgrim is Permetherin (anti bug spray) or Gin (with a little Tonic, ice and a slice. I am not sure what your Rock Star lookalike Pastor's views on the daemon drink is, but Pilgrims through the ages have relied upon its effects to dull the pain of walking 1000kms.

  3. Thanks for the helpful tip! It is good to know about this beforehand, this is the first I've heard of said creatures. YUCK! I think I will opt for the Gin version. Surely, Rock Star Sandy won't mind :)

  4. It is strange that Sandy and I moderate a Forum for the last great Catholic Pilgrimage route in Europe, and yet we are both Methodists and not part of the Roman horde.

    As I write this I am listening to a recording of one of his sermons about Humility. Strange thing to do in a way or even admit to (we Brits are not into emotions and public displays of feelings!!, but then the Camino has strange effects on folk.

    When you get to Pamplona, go down to the main square, order something long and cold and just watch the world go by for a few hours.

    We call it Mooching! Pilgrims get quite good at it as we do have lots of time on our hands.

    Buen Camino.